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Do you know where your multi-channel marketing leads are coming from? Ringo Leads provides a lead management tracking system that shows where each lead comes from, helps determine customer acquisition costs, and improves closing rates.

Trackable Marketing with Ringo Leads

Strategically use different phone numbers for different marketing channels to track the success of each tactic. Monitor effectiveness, make crucial changes, and spend marketing dollars where it makes the biggest difference.

Simple Lead Management

With just a few clicks, Ringo Leads can convert calls, emails, and text messages into leads. From there, your team can better manage the customer journey and improve conversions, resulting in more sales!

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Intuitive Lead Tracking Dashboard

The Ringo Leads dashboard tracks where each lead is in the pipeline. Intuitive data collection and design make it easy for team members to see how many leads are at each step of the customer journey:

  • New Lead
  • Follow-up
  • Appointment
  • Won

Lead tracking allows for a more effective journey for the customer and more closed sales for your team.

Streamline Marketing and Lead Generation with Ringo Leads

Bring marketing, communications and lead generation into one dashboard for easy and effective management. Work smarter, not harder, to find and nurture leads while increasing conversions and sales.

Work Less & Sell More with Ringo Leads

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Are You Ready To Centralize Your Leads?

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