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Call Tracking
& Recording

With RingoPBX you can track and record calls to improve the entire customer journey. From lead generation to a closed sale, the call tracking and recording dashboard ensures the most cohesive and complete sales process.

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Do You Know Where Your Leads Come From?

RingoPBX offers a call attribution feature that lets you know exactly where
your leads are coming from, and how they are finding you. Use call attribution data
to identify your most successful marketing campaigns!

What is Call Attribution?

Call Attribution is a method of tracking calls by utilizing different phone numbers for different marketing tactics, advertisements, keywords or campaigns. Call attribution is a great way to measure marketing effectiveness and success!

Call Attribution = Better Marketing & More Sales

Being able to track calls with call attribution allows you to see what marketing messages are working. When you know what’s working the best, you know where to spend more marketing dollars to amplify that success into more leads and more sales.

Call Reporting

With RingoPBX, the days of missed calls with no follow-up are over!

This dashboard tracks and reports all incoming, missed, and outbound calls so you can capture and effectively follow up on all types of business calls.

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