Knowing your business, you are well aware of what to do and what you are doing when fixing any damaged electronic device. Be it installing brand new software in the new systems or by upgrading the hardware of your client’s old computer. Even when it may be one of the most complex tasks, your team are pro experts and technicians in the computer and phone repair business industry. However, if your staff, the systems, and yourself know you are the best team does not mean the rest know that.

It is a well-known fact that technical skills are a must-have in today’s world; however, having good technical skills is not enough to keep a computer and phone repair, business afloat. The success of any business depends on the pool of loyal customers and how a company can get those clients? Easy! Get the word out there about what you do and what your business is all about. Let them know how good you are at what you do and all the services you can offer them to help.

Below we gathered five effective ways to promote your computer & phone repair business.

Creating a robust digital marketing strategy will help you to achieve a practical phone and computer advertising campaign for your business.

Make Sure to Target a Specific Audience

Make Sure to Target a Specific Audience

Before brainstorming multiple computer repair advertising ideas to get loyal customers, you need to understand your audience. You need to dig deep and think about what type of jobs your staff and yourself usually do and which ones you typically prefer to do and are best at. Once you have carefully considered the above, you can outline your ideal persona – the ideal customer.

Things you should also consider before drafting your ideal persona are demographic facts such as the following:

  • Location: where does your customer live? Try to be niche, start locally; you can also use techniques like email segmentation.
  • Age: Around what age is your ideal customer? Targeting a specific age range will help you reach the right customer.
  • Interest: What are usually your most requested job tasks? repair a game console? Repair iPhones? Organization’s work systems? Targeting a specific market can be more effective than generic advertising.

The way you set up and define your ideal persona will set up the whole foundation of your business when it comes to researching and brainstorming advertising ideas.

Creating Your Website and Implementing SEO

Creating Your Website and Implementing SEO

Your website is your business face. You must be sure you create a compelling, appealing, and visually irresistible website. Your site should comply with the following:

  • User friendly: Your site should be accessible and extremely clear for all potential customers, making sure your company adapts an omnichannel business approach where users can access your site through different devices. Your site needs to include a home page, your dedicated service section, and a contact page so that it is easy and straightforward for customers to contact you or schedule a visit/service. Forms are a great example.
  • Mobile: Nowadays, most people do business through their phone; making sure that a potential customer, when searching for a computer and phone repair services on their phone, lands on a beautiful and easy to navigate mobile site is a must if you want to convert those potential leads into clients. The way to do so is by creating a mobile-responsive website.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) involves modifying and working on your search site so different search engines like Bing or Google can detect and display your site on the search result page. If you want to rank first potentially, you can research different SEO tools like or SemRush to help you rank first and improve your overall SEO.
Google My BusinessOnline Listings and Review Management

Google My Business: Online Listings and Review Management

Making sure to claim your GMB profile is critical to manage all your business information, use search listings, map listings, add pictures to feature your expertise as well as adding your contact information.

Once your business is claimed, you should start building your reputation as a repair service company to attract new clientele. Asking for reviews from your loyal customers it’s a great way to build up your reliability as a business.

Start Using Ads

Start Using Ads

Using ads is a highly efficient and effective way to generate traffic to your computer and phone repair business’ website. Ads need to be clear and on-point. Make sure they are compelling, and lead users to your site; some of the most effective advertising strategies and platforms include but are not limited to:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads: Social media platforms provide unique and powerful advertising tools. Your business should start using targeted ads to drive customers to all your social media channels and websites. With Facebook ads, you can appeal to customers based on location, behavior, and interests.
  • Google ads: Google ads are the best since Google adds data from daily searches for services and goods. You can set up a budget that best suits your company and pay to be featured among top search results. Google ads are great for small businesses when they run locally; your company will be appearing with similar services that are being searched by consumers who may need repair services.
  • Retargeting: retargeting ads specifically target those users who navigated your site but left without taking any action. Consumers are more likely to take action when they are redirected back to your website.
Use Social Media Platforms Referrals and Word of Mouth Advertising Strategies

Use Social Media Platforms, Referrals and Word of Mouth Advertising Strategies

Social media marketing is one reliable, effective, and quick way to interact with potential customers.

To build your online presence on social media, you should:

  1. Use Facebook: Facebook is ginormous, and its news and feed feature and online “word-of-mouth” are impactful. It also provides robust tools to add to your computer repair advertising toolbox. Using Facebook to engage with customers, encourage new or past customers to take action, or increase awareness are some of the many ways Facebook can help businesses grow and get them “out there.”
  2. Twitter: The second most potent social media platform. Twitter was created to entice conversing and facilitate sharing. Using Twitter to start dialogues and get feedback is an effective digital advertising strategy your business should operate.
  3. Instagram: This image-based network offers an unmatched way to feature our experience and expertise as computer and phone repair experts. Some ideas you can start working on are before and after pictures, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.

Even if you are not a social media PRO, your primary focus should be to connect with customers, make sure conversations, as well as pictures, always stay professional and aligned to your brand.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Developing an effective marketing business plan and coming up with unique computer and phone repair advertising ideas can seem challenging. However, digital marketing can help you immensely to grow your repair business. Your main goal should be to connect with new customers, increase awareness about your specialized industry, and keep your loyal customers happy. It is essential to digitize your advertising and make it part of your regular schedule. You can engage a few hours every day to connect with current clients and potential ones by posting on social media channels and advertise your business.

Ringo Media can help you avoid the hassle of dedicating hours to advertising, so you can focus on what’s important. Start driving your business forward by using all the digital marketing techniques that work. Our skilled marketing team is committed to serving clients like yourself with unparalleled and high-powered web design, web development, and digital marketing strategies.

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