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Simplify and streamline your workforce management with Ringo HR, the all-in-one tool for accurate timekeeping, seamless payroll integration, and efficient scheduling.

Top Features and Benefits of Ringo HR

Fingerprint Time Clock Management

  • Secure and Accurate: Ringo HR's biometric fingerprint system prevents buddy punching and ensures precise time tracking for every employee.
  • Easy to Use: Employees can quickly clock in and out using their fingerprints, streamlining attendance.
  • Supported Devices: Works with a wide range of smartphones including iPhone and Samsung models.

Ensure optimal performance by avoiding metal obstructions and deploying in recommended temperature and humidity conditions.


Integration & Connect Features:

Boost Your HR Efficiency with Ringo HR

Elevate your business operations with Ringo HR's intuitive and powerful features. Whether you're managing a small team or a large workforce, Ringo HR makes it easy to keep track of time, schedules, and payroll all in one place.

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