Search engine optimization (SEO) describes the methodology of manipulating aspects of a website to increase the number of visitors to obtain a high-ranking placement in the site’s search engine rankings. Every business wishes to be the very first entry to appear on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

SEO helps to ensure a significant improvement in the chance that a search engine will find a site. It one’s approach is aggressive enough, then the opportunities will skyrocket. The principal behind SEO is similar to that of an employee working on a commission; the harder they work, the higher the reward they receive (and vise versa).

Various approaches are taken to achieve the goal of obtaining a high-ranking placement on popular search engines, though some are more helpful than others. Social Media platforms have a significant impact on a site’s rankings. To find the right fit for one’s website, one must take into consideration the many tools and techniques of SEO.


To Build, You Need the Right Tools

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As search engines continue to evolve, many SEO optimization tools tend to develop as well. Many sites claim to have the best SEO tools for gaining the highest standards of page viewer rankings.

Because SEO has become the go-to source for pushing traffic to a business page, the Internet has become flooded with a sea of different SEO optimization websites. Here’s a list of some excellent FREE SEO tool sites that will guarantee success for any company.

Google Analytics

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This SEO data helps users to monitor their visitors and see how they interact with the business site. Google Analytics has been said to be the most user-friendly and most accessible tool available. It’s one of the best tools to use to provide data that helps the user to understand the numbers that matter the most fully.


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This site measures and improves organic traffic, page visibility, and keyword rankings on the business site. It has an analytics feature that automatically tracks rankings and link metrics that relate to competitor analysis. Moz handles everything from content identification and link building to keyword recommendations and search engine rankings.

Moz Local creates and maintains the most extensive business listings, apps, and directories that significantly impact the local search engine. The user enters their business location into the data tool to create, update, and manage the listings for their specified location.


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Speed is paramount in diagnosing opportunities for improvement on the social media and business page. This SEO tool is a reliable and user-friendly page-speed examination site. It also keeps track of the number of page requests, page size, and average page loading time.

Wayback Machine

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Wayback Machine is an excellent guide to use when a user wants to see how their pages have improved over time. This historical archive is one of the most popular go-to sites for website back-ups and crash security.


OUT with the OLD, IN with the NEW

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When the disciplines of SEO first began, keyword practice focused mainly on using single keywords to best suit relevant topics of the business. Now, SEO uses long-tail keywords to focus on keyword intent and search user needs.

When managing one’s business page, they must keep their “CLOCK” ticking at all times. CLOCK is the acronym by which all SEO basics stem from, consisting of the four key points that will make a company or business stand out from all of the rest.

“C” = Competitor Analysis

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This tool helps to correctly identify a business owner’s SEO targets and format a strategy based on what their competitors are doing and what makes them successful.

First, you must locate, validate targeted keywords, and compare search engine data with the competitors. Then, you can further analyze all of the gathered data from the site so that they can select the best-suited keywords for their own business.

Despite the sophisticated technological advances in our modern day-to-day living, the strategy of competitor analysis has been used since the beginning of time in the business world and will never go out of style.

“L” = Link Building

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Website links, also known as the “streets between pages,” can be analyzed with a sophisticated building system. They not only see how pages are related, but they also help to push traffic to a business site. Link building requires complex algorithms to perform nuanced evaluations of websites based on the refined search engine data.

Link building is a critical aspect of obtaining a successful business page. It helps to drive more traffic to the specified site, and gain more familiarity with the public and more potential clients.

“O” = On-Site Optimization

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The most important thing to understand about SEO is to ensure that a business owner’s site is up to par with the current SEO trends and information. Elements such as title tags, Meta descriptions, and content are the single most influential components utilized towards optimizing SEO to the most prestigious degree.

Quality content, such as blog posts, podcasts/videos, articles, social media posts, etc. is a significant investment. Expanding one’s inventory to every type of social media and website platform is crucial towards drawing in more traffic and is the primary building block to enlarging one’s audience.

“C” = Content Writing

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Content is crucial to improving SEO. It’s so essential for a marketer to implements a solid optimization strategy using solid content writing. It’s within the content of a website that acts as the foundation for everything! Without content, there would be no website.

Customers and website viewers need to be able to read content describing what the company is, what they do, and their services are necessary.

You want to make sure that the content is high-quality so that the SEO benefits don’t get lost. It’s about quality, not quantity in the world of content writing. You also want to make sure that the content includes high-ranking keywords and critical phrases to maintain your place in the trending internet current.

“K” = Keyword Research

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Keyword research runs on an ever-evolving algorithm that locates keywords that discuss relevant topics based on business. Long-tail keywords describe keywords that are more specific and require additional phrasing options to best suit the relevant business topic.

Once the user has chosen their keywords, the user can check their keyword rankings on an SEO tool site (i.e., Google Analytics). They will be able to see how each keyword is ranked based on viewer requests.

Keeping oneself updated on the latest SEO trends is a significant priority in acquiring a successful SEO ranking. The hottest trend right now is social media marketing, as many businesses are using social media to broadcast their services.

Google is continually updating its search algorithms. Because of this, they’ve turned to social media for SEO search results and rankings to create a dynamic new platform for social media and SEO experts to collaborate.

A few SEO and social media trends to consider mainly exist within the confines of quality content marketing, personal branding, and creative visual content. With these three trends at one’s disposal, a business owner’s SEO business marketing model will be unbeatable.

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