Mobile websites are seeing more and more traffic, which is due in large part to the advancement in mobile phone technology.


Despite how far the cell phone has come in the last couple of decades, they still cannot run the same websites as desktops and laptops.


For any business wishing to maximize its outreach and conversions, a mobile-friendly website is mandatory.


The benefits of a mobile-friendly website exist within how it impacts your sales revenue. Your goal as a business owner is to generate sales at every turn, so every move that you make must be a smart move.


So you want to consider a few things when creating a mobile-friendly website. You want to ensure that your site has a responsive web design to different desktop versions and interface sizes.


This idea correlates with having a mobile-friendly design that is compatible with different devices. So your website may look perfect on a desktop, but it may not seem so perfect on a mobile phone.


We live in a world where everyone is on their phone more frequently then they are on their desktops. As a business owner operating a business website, you must cater to this reality.





Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Websites


The first real benefit of a mobile-friendly website is increasing the time a customer spends on your website. If the site loads quickly and they can easily get the information they want, they are less likely to close the website.


Having a mobile-friendly website gives you a fighting chance to convert them, or direct them towards your establishment if they are on the run while browsing.


We live in a fast-paced world where no one wants to wait for information, especially on the internet. Making your website mobile-friendly and responsive is crucial for maintaining a fast-speed browsing connection.




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Secondly, mobile-friendly websites and responsive websites are preferred by search engines and appear higher in the results. Google can smell which way the wind is blowing, and they know exactly how their users browse the internet. The search engine results are catered towards the convenience of their customers.


Having a mobile-friendly website will immediately improve your results and, in turn, will make you more money.


There is a concept in online marketing called bouncing, which is where a user (your potential customer) decides to leave a website without viewing pages other than the landing page. The average consumer is much more likely to “bounce” if your site takes longer than a couple of seconds to load on their mobile phone.


As mentioned before, these people are likely in a hurry. They don’t have the time for your website to load because of excess CSS and JavaScript slowing down the process.


Most importantly, a mobile website will increase your audience. Many consumers have already left behind other ways of browsing the internet. They almost exclusively use their phones to explore content, even while at home. Leaving out this demographic is accepting that you are okay with losing money by ignoring the practices of your potential customers.


A mobile website just a couple years ago might have been cutting edge, but now they are mandatory and commonplace in all successful businesses. The user experience involves being able to navigate through your website quickly and without hindrance. It also means the overall design is engaging and positively captures the audience’s attention.




Creating A Mobile-Friendly Website Is Not Easy But For Ringo Media, We Make It Easy


There are a million different factors to take into consideration when building a top-quality website that is also mobile-friendly. Many of the logistics are too complex for most to wrap their heads around.


It’s best to leave it to the professionals.


Choosing the right website design company to build your website is almost like leaving your dog at a doggy daycare facility when you leave town for the weekend. You don’t want to pick just any daycare service. Chances are, you love your dog. You want to leave your dog at a facility that is going to treat them with the utmost respect, love, care, and attention possible.


Well, the same idea should be accurate for your website. You should leave your website into the trusted hands of highly experienced and innovative web designers that care about your business and building the brand of your company.


Creating a mobile-friendly website is not easy since it does not obey the same rules as regular website design. There is a much more extensive range of devices to consider, and many design elements won’t work on smartphones.


It takes time to learn what an excellent mobile-friendly website demands, and with more than a decade of experience, we have what it takes to get you noticed. Contact us today for our full list of services so that we can work with you on building a high-quality mobile-friendly website to showcase your business.

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