Whether you own a small business or have acquired a company for years, you can achieve brand loyalty. Think of brand loyalty as the first time you discover a restaurant with good food and service and decide to tell all your friends and family about it. That’s the reaction you want your customers to have when they engage with your business.

Although your brand loyalty won’t become established overnight, there are a few steps that you can take to build your brand loyalty. Consistency is the reward to success, so no matter what type of business you have, stick to a plan to develop a brand that people love and know.

Get To Know Your Target Audience

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A target audience is not your customer yet. They are individuals who are searching for your product or service but have not discovered your business. Because they don’t know about your business, your target audience may be looking at your competitor’s product or service.

How do you attract your target audience to your business?

Answer: you get to know them.

Before you start to plan your sale or hire someone to do your website, you need to do some research. Every great marketing plan starts with identifying your target audience and determining your business’s position in the marketplace.

Your marketplace is the industry in which you do business. For example, if you sell cars, your business will be a part of the automotive industry. Your competitors can vary from luxury car businesses to dealers that sell fleet cars to other business owners.

The type of customers you serve plays a big role in your position in the marketplace. Knowing your place in the market is essential to gaining insight into what you can do differently from your competitors.

Build A Community

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Once you know your target audience, you can build a community through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many other social media networks. You can use a Facebook Group to communicate with your audience to have an exclusive community. If you are in the automobile industry, you can have a Facebook Group that gives advice on car buying and maintenance.

As a business owner, you can also engage with your community offline by attending events and being a festival vendor. Knowing your audience enough allows you to determine what events and social gatherings they will attend. You can even plan your own event and pop shop.

Offer A Referral Program

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For those looking to grow their customer base, having a referral program can help you continue to grow your community. If you already have an existing customer base that loves your product and services, they are more likely to refer your service or products to others.

Make sure your referral program is something your customers would like. Include offers and products that you know your customers would take advantage of. The products you notice constantly selling out could be a part of your referral program. Or, you can offer a discount if someone refers a significant amount of people to your business.

Send Surveys To Your Customers/Clients

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Getting your customers’ feedback can help you improve your business. They can let you know if you need to implement steps in your shipping process, in-store experience, and more.

All types of businesses can have their customers fill out a survey, from brick-and-mortar, mobile service to e-commerce businesses. One of the most common ways customers fill out a survey is through email. Business owners can use email marketing to communicate with their customers and get feedback.

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Get A System For Storing Customer Data

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Storing your customer data can help you with pricing, sales, and other marketing tactics. You can research your customer data to determine if you need to lower or raise your prices.

Your customer data can also help you see what city your customers are from. So, if you decide to do a pop shop, you can pick a location based on where your customers live. If your customers tend to shop or visit your store on a specific day, you can schedule your sales when your customers are most likely to shop with you.

A Plan For Quality Control

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When building brand loyalty, you want to give your customers quality. Quality control is when a business checks its inventory, service, and customer experience to consistently deliver top-notch overall business interactions with each customer. You don’t have to wait until a customer sends you a complaint to start seeing what needs to change in your business. Take action to be proactive and try to eliminate issues before it occurs.

Depending on the size of your business, you can have a team dedicated to quality control. When your business doesn’t consistently deliver quality, it can ruin your business reputation. In the digital era, it is not difficult for people to find out about your products and services through reviews and social media postings. Dedicate time and hire the right people to ensure your customers get the best. It will pay off in the long run.

Cater To Your Repeat Customers

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Your repeat customers are the heart of your business. If you have repeat customers in your business, you have done a great job serving them. That’s why they keep coming back. You need to cater to your existing customers to continue to foster a good relationship with them.

As a business owner, you can do that by having exclusive deals and VIP sales just for your repeat customers. You can have an email segment that includes all your repeat customers so that you can send deals through their emails. Or, you can send text messages to repeat customers to make your sales more personal.

Email segmentation means that you separate your customer based on different categories. You can have a category for new customers, existing customers, or customers that have purchased a specific product or service.


Brand loyalty is all about delivering to your customers. Although meeting your sales goals is great, creating goals and plans to increase your brand loyalty can help take your business to the next level. One of the ways that you can measure your brand loyalty is by the number of repeat customers you have, the number of people that interact with your brand through social networks, and the number of people that attend your events.

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