Personal content is relatable content. Your audience will most likely engage with your content when it matches their lifestyle, interests, and problems. Before social media became a platform for advertising your business, it was solely for connecting with friends and family. Today, some people with common interests in an activity or hobby can build connections through communities on Facebook.

With your business page, you can create content that engages your audience. Find out how you can create personalized social media platforms.

Research To See What Is Relevant to Your Audience

Collect data to understand your audience. You can collect data by looking at what is going on in your industry, having a focus group meeting, and listening to customers' concerns.

Your industry constantly evolves. Learn new trends so that you can create innovative marketing campaigns and business tactics to attract the right people to your company. Food delivery services are one example of how the industry can change over the years. A few decades ago, a few fast-food restaurants offered delivery services to their customers at only specific restaurants.

Now there are a lot of different delivery services that don’t just offer food at one restaurant. One delivery service can have various partnerships with various restaurants, giving customers more options instead of dining in. What is evolving in your industry? 

A focus group is when you have people representing your target audience in a study. You can test how they react to a new product or service that you provide. Also, you can get feedback from your focus group on how they can incorporate the product or service into their daily routine.

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you can interact with people who walk into it to see their thoughts about your products and services. Online you can look at reviews that pertain to similar products and services that you offer. This tactic can give you an insight into what is missing in the market and your customers' needs and wants. Facebook communities that align with what your business does can be a great resource for finding out what interest your target audience.


Create Content with a Customer Journey Map

To create relatable content. You can consider the customer journey map. The customer journey map consists of the process customers go through when they realize they want to purchase a product or service. First, they will do their research (most likely online), go to the store to see the product in person, buy it, and use it. If they like the experience they had with your business, they are likely to purchase it again with you, depending on your product's life cycle. 

Compose content around your customer journey map. This content can get your audience to trust you and increase repeat customers. Informative content can show your customers the benefits of using your products and services. Through social media, you can let them know about the help of your business.


Build Persona Profiles

Persona profiles allow you to dive into your target customers that are looking for your business products and services. The purpose of a persona profile is to create a representation of your key target audience, and this representation is based on research on your target audience.

Your persona profile gives you insight into what your users want when they use your website. Also, you can find out information about their goals and values. The benefit of personas is that they help you and your marketing team stay focused on key deliverables that serve your customers. Designers, copywriters, and web developers can also ensure that all creative marketing content aligns with what is appropriate for your target audience.



Your marketing content can attract your ideal audience when you personalize it. Once you find out your target audience's age range, values, and lifestyle, you can start creating content around your target audience.

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