Collaborating with other businesses can help you grow your brand. There are different types of channels you can use for collaborative marketing. Social media, blogging, live streams, and challenges are all types of collaborative marketing you can use for your brand.


Use the proper channels to engage with your target audience. By doing this, your brand can increase its reach.

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Leverage Guest Blogging

When using guest blogging correctly, you can leverage the support of other publishers and bloggers. You can access their followers through their email lists and social media platforms. When collaborating with another platform, ask them to introduce their audience to you. If you are in the same industry, their audience will resonate with your business’s products and services.

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Start an Interview Series

This type of collaborative marketing is very strategic. It can help you cross-promote on different social media platforms. You can do your interview on Instagram Live or Facebook Live. Use these prerecorded videos to upload the interview series on podcast platforms like Apple Podcast or Anchor.


There are so many ways that you can recycle your interview series. You can use snippets of your interview on your Instagram reels and Facebook reels. With these snippets, you can drive traffic to have people watch your full interview. Also, you can create another call to action with these snippets.

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Work with Influencers to Create Sponsored Social Media Campaigns

Have you ever seen those posts on social media that are classified as #paidpartnership? Usually partnership content are completed with influencer collaborations. An influencer collaboration is when your business worked with a content creator to boost your brand awareness and maxmize sales. You want to use a social media influencer that make sense with your brand. For example, if you have a tech business, you want to use an influencer that post content about the latest drones, camera, or microphone.


Before you start to reach out to influencers, create a clear guideline and campaign objectives. This will help you find the right influencers that align with your overall campaign goals.

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Feature Social Media Account Takeovers

A social media account takeover is when a well known influencer login into your account to post content. This content can be stories and lives. With social media account takeover, you can increase your engagement and reach, especially when it is a trusted influencer that your audience will resonate with.


Social media account takeovers usually happen within a specific timeframe like a day or a week. Takeovers are great if your a few days away from a big event that your business is hosting. You can use takeovers like a countdown to the main event. This strategy is a good if you want to promote an event while increasing your reach on social media.


Collaboration is the new competition in 2023. Find companies that align with your mission and goals to work together. It can help you increase your numbers. Then, use digital marketing to promote your collaboration campaign. There are so many ways that you can use social media to collaborate with other businesses. Collaborative marketing can be done with a product, event, and other promotional platforms.

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