Brand personality is a set of human characteristics attributed to a brand name. One example of a brand include Disney. This is a brand that is associated with family, fun, and creativity. Apple has positioned itself as a high-end brand that makes it simple for those to create and connect with their smart devices. Chanel is another high-end brand in the fashion industry for those who like a simple and elegant look.

Whether you know it or not, when people look at your brand they associate it with a certain adjective like comfortable, relaxed, adventurous and more. As a business owner, you have to create the look and experience you want your customers to have. For example, if you want your customers to associate your brand with luxury than create the look and feel. Some of the ways that you can do that is by offering sparkling water when customers come to you for a service like car maintenance, car rental, or any other service business that people own.

The way that you position your brand can influence your business to attract loyal customers. Here is how developing your brand personality can have an impact on your brand loyalty:

buisness position

Put Your Business In a Unique Position

One of the most common reason why some people don’t pursue their business ideas is because they think that the market is saturated. Although there are multiple restaurants on one street in most American cities, there can still be a untapped market for your idea. It will take creativity and brainstorming to figure out what type of business to start.

When you are brainstorming these ideas ask yourself what are your Unique Selling Proposition. A USP can help you stand out from your competition. It gives specific clear benefits that customers can receive when they interact with your business.

There are different benefits for a high-end restaurant and a fast food restaurant. One is more beneficial when you want a last minute meal and the other one is an advantage when you want fine luxurious dining.


reliable representation for the brand

Gives a Reliable Representation

A brand personality build overtime gives your business a reliable representation that consumers can trust. An impactful brand can become so well-known that it represent an entire niche market. Most people say band-aid when they need to cover a cut on their skin. But, did you know that the correct term for this product is brand adhesive bandages.

When we need to search for a term on the internet, most people have been conditioned to say “ I am going to google that” instead of saying “I am going to use a search engine”. There are so many other brands that have become terms used to describe an entire category. However this shows how influential one brand can be to a niche market.

Think about what you want your brand to represent. What do you want to be known for? When you have a clear vision on what you want to symbolize to your customers than you can attract loyal customers that will keep coming back to your business.


how to respond to the coustomer

Ignites Emotional Response For Consumers

It is okay if you don’t have a clear vision on what you want your brand personality to be right now. Developing a brand personality is a discovery process, but as you keep going you can fine tune it so that it resonate with you, your team, and your customers. The reason why some household brand has become so successful is because they spark a feeling when consumers interact with them.

You can create visuals and words to evoke emotions to your target audience in your ads. After you have established your brand personality than you can start to implement it into all of your marketing strategies and platforms. Your brand personality will influence the way that you create your website, ads, and the overall experience of your business.


brand personality can elevate your business


A brand personality can elevate your business and get you to stand out against the competition. By developing a brand personality, you can build a business that have longevity.

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