The brand looks big, because we have helped it get bigger.

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Helping Techy / DrPhoneFix Grow from 8 Stores to 230+ in 9 Countries

We are the preferred Marketing Company for Techy Franchise and its Franchisees, a cell phone repair brand we have assisted digitally for over 12 Years.

TO 230+

IN 10

Ringo Media oversees all Techy’s Digital ~/assets/

From websites, Email Management / Newsletters, Social Media Pages Creation and Optimization, to Digital Marketing for increasing Franchisees to increasing foot traffic for its stores via SEO, Facebook, and Google Ads.

We have worked on strategic branding for Techy to build recognition and loyalty with its customers and franchisees throughout all of our marketing efforts.

Storytelling to build recognition

For Techy, we knew we had to be consistent in telling stories to customers, franchisees, and target audiences. A good story shows franchisees that the company is not afraid to reach new goals and metrics. It sets a company apart from competitors by building brand loyalty and awareness among its consumers.

Before our digital strategy to market good news, Techy focused more on organic social media and word of mouth. These strategies are great to use with paid advertising, but alone these methods can delay the results that business owners desire.

When Techy partnered with companies like Wal-Mart, Experimax, and InMotion Entertainment, we knew that it was a story we had to tell. Press Releases, Email Marketing, and Paid Social Media Ads were the platforms that we used to spread the good news. Marketing good news is what keeps brands going.

Case Study

After we started to relay the message on different platforms

we saw new results. Our email marketing subscription grew by 14%. (chart) We have increased the number of Press Releases to over 300 pickups by major news outlets in the United States. (info graphics)

Also, we helped franchise owners grow their store traffic in different regions in the U.S. and internationally with our digital paid marketing campaigns. (testimony from franchise clients)


Why Choose Ringo Media?

With our vast knowledge and experience in innovative web design and PPC Management, we build beautifully-designed landing pages with top-quality functionality and navigation client action focused.

We develop in-depth and comprehensive digital marketing plans, combining innovative strategies with traditional marketing tactics. Placing focus on Lead Generation using marketing automation tools, we promote your products and services through multiple digital marketing channels.

Your business will shine through digital media in a whole new light. Give us the chance to work with you so that we can show the world what your business is about in a way that resonates with your targeted audience.

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