When it comes to your website, there is much to be desired. Engagement, interaction, visual elements, and enjoyment are all part of the user experience. When a customer visits your website, they should do so with grace, ease, and fulfillment.

To accomplish this type of user experience for the consumer, you must apply certain web design and development practices and principles. Unless you do, your website will end up looking outdated and, therefore, your business will become irrelevant.

Here, we’ll discuss the art and science of web design and development so that you can have the tools necessary to grow your business online!

What is Web Design?

Web design refers to the aesthetic & usability portion of web creation. Website designers must always begin their website creation process by considering the client’s objectives. Once they’ve done this, they then move on to the information architecture to implement a website’s informational hierarchy and guide the web design process.

Once a website designer has started creating the wireframes, they can move on to the design stage. Web designers use many different basic design principles to achieve an aesthetically beautiful layout that provides the ultimate user experience.

What is Web Development?

Website development describes the process of developing a website for hosting via the Internet. This process is an integral part of what makes websites functional. Website developers build and maintain websites to look great, work fast, and perform well with a seamlessly enjoyable user experience.

Web developers utilize a variety of coding languages in their developmental process. With HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they can take an idea from any drawing board and with just a few taps of a keyboard, they can turn it into a reality!

They break down these codes and create responsive websites that work well on all digital devices, including smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. So, whenever you’re on a website and look at the drop down menus and text, just know that you’re looking at the work of a website developer.

Web Design Principles

Balance is an important aspect of web design. To create a balanced layout, a web designer must refer to certain color and pattern elements. Using the appropriate proportion of both light and dark colors is critical to achieving a well-balanced website design.

In color theory, using contrasting colors, textures, and shapes could define and draw more attention to certain areas of your website. Depending on your overall design and color scheme, color contrasting may be a positive thing. It captures the attention of the user, and may accentuate your brand.

Consistency, or better known as repetition or rhythm, is a critical web design principle that provides the best possible user experience for all of your website visitors. Every page on your site should have a consistent flow so that your visitors aren’t confused or thrown off in any way. To accomplish this sense of consistency, simply create a design that is the same on every page. This could be in the form of a pattern, logo design, or color scheme.

Emphasis is a design principle that is founded on the intention of highlighting a specific element of the overall design layout. Emphasizing on a page that you place particular importance on is an excellent marketing tactic. Highlighting the text in a different color or even adding some digital media will certainly help your cause.

Unity describes the relationship between the certain parts of your website layout and its composition as a whole. It deals with how people tend to organize information by compartmentalizing elements into categories. To cater to this humanistic need, you should do the same with your website. Organize your information into categories so that people respond more positively.

In Conclusion

So, the art and science of web design and development describes the kind of assistance that you require. Hiring a professional web design & development agency will allow you to free up your time to manage your day-to-day responsibilities while the agency handles all of your website management endeavors.

If you’re looking to hire a website design and development team to take on your website, then give iDig Digital a call. We’re here to help you grow your business and expand your horizons.

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