What was once a loosely known professional networking site has quickly become a world force in global career development. Business to business (B2B) marketers have utilized LinkedIn to interact with other businesses, spreading the word of their mission and networking with other like minded professionals.

LinkedIn is an excellent social networking platform for gaining quality leads. It’s also great for keeping a watchful eye on competitors, studying their social media marketing techniques so that you can stay ahead of the competition.


Let’s take a closer look at how you can find qualified professionals to do business with.




Create An Attention-Grabbing Profile


Add images, inspirational quotes, short videos, graphics, and other visual media to make your page pop. Having a visually engaging LinkedIn profile will not only engage your customers, but also prospective business partners as well.




Write A Compelling Pitch


Your pitch should be relevant, catchy, and brief. You must be able to grab the user with the first sentence. If not, then you’re wasting precious time writing content that will never be read.


Having the right pitch will make your LinkedIn profile as conversion-driven as possible.




Make Clickable Posts & Updates


Post updates that are directly aimed at your target audience. You can post newsworthy updates, blog posts, videos, memes & gifs, infographics, or links to other websites.


Whatever type of post you decide to display, make sure that you provide a clickable link to cater to information-seekers.

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