Over the years, advertising has changed from billboards and print magazines to social media ads and streaming services ads. It’s still important to have ads that show your target audience the benefits of your product or service. However, in these modern ages of advertising, you want to start a conversation with your audience so that you, as a business owner, can drive customer engagement, improve your customer experience, and grow your revenue.


Traditional advertising has allowed business owners to build awareness about their business, but it didn’t have a lot of platforms that allowed customers to provide their real-time feedback. Forums kickstarted the wave of hearing from customers in real time. Now, consumers can leave Yelp reviews, Google reviews, comment on a company’s social media post, and so much more. Public engagement with your customers makes building your online presence and reputation even more important.


Here are some takeaways that you can implement to get the conversation going with your customers.


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The Right Social Media Platforms


Your business doesn’t have to be on every platform to grow your target audience. Find out what venues your target audience can find and stick to those social media platforms. If your business focuses on products for moms or baby products, Pinterest can be an excellent platform. If your target audience is young adults, Instagram can be the right platform to grow awareness and engage with your target audience.


After choosing the right platforms for your business, you want to engage and be consistent. These two components will help you to build your following organically.


If you want to learn more about paid advertising, check out our article: What Business Owners Should Know About Google Ad.


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Listen To FeedBack


It’s essential to consider what your customers want and their opinions about things. You can promote the products and services your customers are most interested in by listening to them.

If you notice that your customers are not engaging with a product or service you promote on your platforms, ask them questions. Companies could yield the results they were looking for by asking customers questions in the comment section or doing live on social media to hear from their customers.


Use Chatbots


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Chatbots are another way that you can open a conversation with your customers. Place a chatbot on your Facebook and website to start the conversation. Your customers can get answers about their packaging, product inventory, and more in real time.

One of the most common compliments that some customers have is not hearing back from a company when purchasing an item or asking questions. A chatbot can help your customers feel like they have a way of communicating with you.

After getting your leads from your customers, you want to convert them into customers. By communicating effectively, you can retain leads that turn into satisfied customers.


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If you want to start a conversation with your customers, find the right social media platforms for your audience, listen to their feedback and use chatbots on your Facebook business page and website. There are so many advantages to conversational marketing. You will grow your customer base when they know that your business puts the customers’ needs and wants first.

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