Does your website reflect your business goals?


Is it up-to-date and possesses all modern web features?


Is your web design appealing to your target audience?


Well, if your website falls short on any of these scales, then some improvement is definitely in order. 


Your web design should incorporate clean, fresh images that are both appealing and engaging. There is a way to determine which web design solutions would be best suited for your company’s brand. The best way is first to identify your brand and visualize how your brand manifests into imagery. 



Identify Your Brand



Defining your brand identity is the first step towards creating a marketing platform. Your brand is much more than a professionally designed logo or product packaging. It has more to do with how to product or service itself makes people feel.


It’s what makes people purchase the product again and again. As a small business owner, your brand becomes like a valued member of your family, your life, and your identity. 


Branding is the keystone of building a small business, and the most effective way of manifesting a brand into a recognizable and tangible staple is through visual graphics. Your web design should reflect upon your brand, just like your clothing reflects your style. 


If your brand is modern and simple, consider a web design with simple lines and color schemes. If your brand is more on the creative and fun-loving side, then your web design should incorporate brighter colors and vibrant themes. 


Coca Cola has one of the most recognizable brands ever created. When you think of Coca Cola, you think of more than just a delicious, refreshing soft drink. You think of enjoying the bubbly goodness at a family outing, a romantic date, thrilling sporting event, party bash, or even a quiet night in with your loved ones. 


Coca Cola is also very good at portraying a set of values to their audience. The top repeated word in Coca Cola’s brand includes “refresh,” “simple,” and “happiness.” This aids in the essence of nostalgia that Coca Cola exudes in many of their advertisements.


They’ve defined their values as being friendly, comforting, and uniting. For your business, you should identify the core values of your business to establish your brand further. 


Branding is all about showcasing what you’re all about. Your brand is your public identity. It’s what makes you recognized and trustworthy. A good brand that stands out from the crowd is what makes businesses successful.


It can help you build more companies within your network, which can grow awareness, solidify your general marketing strategy, and build customer loyalty. 



Manifest Your Brand



It takes a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and innovative website designers to help small business owners to manifest their brand into great web designs. This type of skill involves more than just a talent for creating a website. It comprises in-depth communication between the web designer and the client by describing what the brand entails. 


The tone and voice of your brand should match the web design. For instance, let’s say that you’re planning an elegant wedding at a high-end venue.


When envisioning the decorations and seating layout for the reception, you wouldn’t suggest tiki torches and starfish centerpieces. You wouldn’t place beach wedding decorations at a sophisticated, refined church wedding setting. It only wouldn’t make sense!


There is an infinite number of ways to manifest your brand into a creative, appealing, and engaging web design. When creating small business website designs, web designers always research the latest web design trends. 


Just because these specific designs are trending, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that your web designer must apply this same design when creating your website. Web designers shouldn’t be afraid to be unique. Sometimes, the more a web design stands out from the crowd, the more recognition they receive. 



Take Your Online Store to the Next Level



Designing eCommerce websites has just as much to do with design as it does with development. You want to be able to sell your products online while providing your customers with the ideal user experience.


Your eCommerce store should include vibrant and clear images of your products, as well as engaging content.


Your online store should be responsive to both desktop and mobile screens. All users can view your website in an appealing layout without having to compromise visuals for technology. No matter what device is being used to visit your site, it should always be a pleasant browsing and online shopping experience for the user. 


With the right web design, you can elevate your online store to new heights. Small businesses don’t have to stay small. They can grow and expand to new markets and territories without jeopardizing that “small business” essence. 

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