You telling your customers that anyone can buy your products does not grab their attention. People like exclusivity and want to feel like they are a part of a club. Think about the big corporations or even the small businesses in your communities. These businesses know how to make people feel like they belong, which is why they successfully build brand recognition. One example of that is Jeep.

As a brand, Jeep knows how to attract its target audience by providing a car made for driving on well-constructed roads and dirt roads. It can attract the attention of those who want a sporty car and still want a high-end luxury car at the same time. A Jeep’s features and characteristics allow it to appeal to a specific group. The type of person who buys a Jeep is not the same as the person who will buy a Mercedez Benz.

Here are some reasons why you should not try to market to everyone.

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It could cost you more in your marketing budget.

You stretch your business thin when you try to include everyone in your target audience. You have to pour into your customers and employees so everyone can partake in a cohesive exchange. For customers, that exchange can be signing up for a class you offer, and your employees can help you to fulfill your vision.

If you serve every type of customer, you have to market to every individual in the United States. It doesn’t matter if they have children or are single. You have to serve them. The unfortunate part of helping everyone is that you don’t meet their needs. You generalize everything, so you don’t make a memorable impression.

Including everyone in your target audience is like buying a crib for someone without children. They will not care for that gift. But, if you buy a crib for someone who needs a new bed for their 3-month-old child, it is a gift they would appreciate.

If you consistently spend your marketing dollars on everyone, you don’t get to narrow down the people who want your product and service. Therefore you are not able to serve your audience correctly.

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It will cause you to put in more effort for little results.

Catering to everyone can take up a lot of work for you in your business. No one wants to do the hard work and not get the desired result. When you have a target audience, you still have to do the work, such as setting up campaigns and your business’s overall marketing and branding. However, knowing what your customers want makes it much easier for you and your team. Burnout is physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that can leave you feeling drained. When you are feeling burnout, you have tried to deliver on too many things simultaneously.

Being strategic about how you will serve one type of customer can help you work smarter.

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Create a persona Instead.

You now know that having everyone as your target audience is not productive for your business. Creating a persona is the first step to understanding what your target audience wants. Your audience’s persona or profile can include where your target audience lives, hobbies, and daily life.

One myth about creating a persona is that the more specific you are, the more you cut out the number of customers you can serve. This is not true. The more specific you are, the better you can provide your customers with the best services. Also, being more specific in your marketing helps you know when to release an ad and the type of ads that work best for your audience.

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Develop Marketing Segmentation with different campaigns.

After discovering why your business shouldn’t serve everyone, you are still considering the different types of customers your business can help. Marketing segmentation is the best way to appeal to different kinds of customers. With marketing segmentation, you can create different categories for your target audience.

You can have a high-end product/service for a specific customer type and an affordable product for a different kind of customer. When having various marketing segmentation, ask yourself how can you and your team best serve this type of customer.

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Recap For Having A Target Audience

Your target audience can help you save money on your marketing dollars and can help you to work smarter. Think about the service or product that you are offering your customers. What type of customers will align with your vision?

Start getting more results for your business by creating the persona that works for your business. If you find it difficult to focus on one type of audience, then have 2 to 3 marketing segments that you can direct your focus.

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