As a business owner, marketing is key to attract your customers. No matter what type of business that you have, you need people to keep your business growing. The proper marketing practice can help you have new customers coming to your store instead of you having to chase customers to meet your goals.

Check out common mistakes that small business owners make in marketing to prevent errors that can potentially leave your business in jeopardy.

You don’t track your results

Without tracking your business results, you don’t know what is working and what is not working. In different areas of your business, you want to know where you want to improve. When you don’t track your results, you are not clear on the problems that you need to address.

Track your progress with your sales, how many customer issues that you resolve, how many appointments do you need to make a sale, or the average customer value per dollar.

You can put a system in place to track all your numbers. After you do, you can put policies and systems in place that support the results that you are looking for.

Not knowing your competitors in marketing

Some businesses owners think that they don’t need to know there competitors. It is important to know what is going on in your market. Your consumers are already looking at your competitors so you should too. By looking at your competitors, you can know where the market is shifting.

In business, it is important to study your competitors so that you can see what is missing in the marketplace. Once you see what is missing in the market, you can differentiate your business from your competitors.

You are reaching the wrong audience

When you are connecting with the wrong target audience, it is difficult to hit your marketing objectives. No matter what products and services you offer, if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience than it is going to be a challenge to get them to buy into your business. You know that you are reaching the wrong target audience when you numbers for brand awareness is low. This number will ultimately affect your sales number.

Some business owners have a clear focused on what their target audience is. However, they shouldn’t forget about the customers that are already buying into their business. Before you start to create an avatar for your target audience, look at the customers that are already buying your products or services.

Your existing target audience can give you insight on how you can better your products or services. Keep it simple when it comes to finding your target audience. If you have a target audience that is buying into your business than it is best serve them. In business, remain working on the initiatives that are working.

Hiring people for marketing without doing your research

As your business continues to expand, you are going to want to hire people to help your with your marketing. You want to delegate tasks within your business but be sure that you are doing your research before you hire someone. It is important to know what tasks and how a candidate is going to help you reach your target audience.

Before you start the hiring process, do some research about different types of marketing. Determine what type of marketing will be best for your business, than find the candidates that can best complete those initiative for your business.

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