Facebook ads have quickly become one of the go-to advertisements of the digital marketing world. Facebook has been proven to be the most cost-effective way to market business brands to ideal customers. And, because Facebook is constantly evolving, advertisers are gaining more opportunities to reach people from all walks of life.

However, with so many different Facebook ad options available, it can be difficult to decide which one fits best for your particular business. In this article, we give you a comprehensive breakdown of all of the different types of ads that Facebook has so that you can better understand how to generate successful results.

Lead Ads

Facebook created lead ads, enabling people to connect with businesses in any place at any time. Lead ads allow customers to access offers without ever having to leave the Facebook app. 

When potential customers see your lead ad, they can request some more information about your business, including free trials, product demos, or pricing guides right from Facebook. This blows up your conversion rates and dramatically boosts your SEO since more customers are visiting your profile.

Facebook lead ads are designed to automatically fill in certain information, including a user’s name, email address, phone number, website URL, and other information so that the user doesn’t have to. 

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads perform much better than regular Facebook ads. In fact, unlike regular Facebook ads, carousel ads are designed to execute 3 different things – drive better conversion rates, generate more website visitors, and improve overall marketing results.

Also known as multi-product ads, carousel ads display up to 3 product images in the same ad unit, appearing both in mobile and desktop news feeds. It appears on your news feed as a status update, with each item showcasing a title, description, and destination link.

These ads are functionally robust and when combined with custom audiences from your website, they generate more audiences based on on-site visits. Carousel ads are most commonly used by eCommerce website owners since they can display multiple products at once.

Video Ads

Would you rather read a text, or watch a video? 85% of users chose to watch a video. Did you choose the same? Well, Facebook video ads are at the top of every advertiser’s list.

When it comes to finding the perfect platform to promote a video, Facebook is an excellent option. In fact, Facebook has over 100 million hours of video watched every day! Showcase your products or services in 15 seconds or less, gaining new customers every time someone watches your video!

You can show off your best selling products, most popular services, client testimonials, and so much more. Draw in your target audience with engaging motions and catchy sounds to increase your brand awareness and retarget ideal customers. 

Collection Ads

Collection ads make it easier for people to browse, purchase, and discover new products and services from their mobile devices. With collection ads, people who click on your ad are able to browse more products, finding more details in a fast-loading, instant experience.

This creates more engagement within your audience so that you can connect with them easier and more freely. You can use collection ads to promote your product inventory, drive brand awareness, and most importantly, attract new customers.

Instant Experience

Instant experience ads, or app install ads, are most likely to showcase an app’s core functionality and purpose. These ads are focused on generating new users and highlighting specific features to drive in-app engagements. 

Instant experience ads visually highlight your brand, products, and services as a fullscreen experience that opens after someone taps on your ad. Instant experience ads are designed for mobile and load up to 15 times faster than standard ads, providing the ultimate user experience to your customers. 

Get The Most Out of Facebook Advertising

As you can see, there are many types of Facebook ads to choose from. However, you shouldn’t make this decision lightly. Take everything into account when choosing the right Facebook ad to promote your business. From images and motion pictures to compelling content and hashtags, you want to make sure that you consider every factor when creating your ad.

Look carefully at these Facebook ad types so that you can gain a clearer understanding of what they consist of. Once you understand these ad campaigns, you can make an informed decision on which ad to use when promoting your products and services. 

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