Gifts or “Giveaways” are top-tier strategies to promote engagement and interact with customers from numerous sources online. Business is all about selling the idea of the deal before sealing it, and our master-minds and, strategists, social media analysts work solely to observe and predict giveaway posts and stories all over business socials, utilizing the top three giveaway rules:
Interacting with followers is more important than engaging with viewers. This is because a built-up Insta-fam can interact keenly rather than involving a completely new mindset of newbies. 

gifting for user for better interaction

The online business must routinely post at least ten to twenty times involving the giveaway participants, with likes, comments, shares, and, most importantly, saves. The new Instagram algorithm uses the “Save” button model to promote the page the customer/ follower enjoys and appreciates best.
The participants must continuously follow the business page for the upcoming weeks to ensure they are allowed to participate in any future giveaways.
All three rules focus on repetitive interaction with the followers to gain potential and boost the giveaway post. The more participants there are, the more people look forward to competing and following rules. Giveaways are no rocket science; they depend on the following five seamless approaches that our content marketing experts have briefly concluded in their decades of experience:

Business relevacy

Idea# 1 Relevancy 

The giveaway post as well as the product must be relevant to what your brand is associated with and appreciated for. Counterchecking relevancy is the first and foremost step to setting up a giveaway or a gift with purchase. Consider such questions as, “What is my main aim?” “What do I sell, and what am I gifting?” “Is it worth the time investment?”. All these questions will answer your business approaches. 
For example, a skincare brand posting a giveaway of an eyeshadow palette is irrelevant. Instead, they should promote their previously hyped product with a throwback approach and consider four to five winners by the end of the activity. 

How to help online business


Idea# 2: Easier to Enter, Easier to Win


It is a good suggested approach to look for the easiest types of giveaway rules, such as mentioning names in the comments, promoting the page by putting up a rule of mentioned friends to follow the page or like the post, and so forth. The easiest way to analyze the participating followers is to keep track of who practically abides by the rules and who has played the follow-for-follow game or follow-for-win mindset. Organic followers can only be built up if the Giveaway is strategized to be easy and competitive;; therefore, leaving this content marketing approach to the Ringo Media experts saves all the hassle. 

online business growth

Idea# 3 Generate Traffic! 

Organic traffic is satisfactorily built from scratch, which is content. Traffic comes when trend, time, and trust is observed, managed and developed, respectively. It takes a while because you cannot interact with five to ten total followers; according to the rule book, at least 1000 to 10,000 followers are required to upscale your business page via gifts, coupons, giveaways and similar strategies. Without traffic, there is no pathway for giveaways at all. You can purchase golden/ organic followers by Instagram advertisements, it is the fastest way to segregate and publish content on targetted audience. (Organic followers always prefer the content, follow on their will, and their turnover rate is close to zero because they do not play follow-for-follow type of spam). Both Facebook and Instagram can be unanimously timed and utilized for more traffic on the page, for a successful giveaway. 

performance tracking metrics

Idea# 4 Using Track Metrics 


Tracking metrics prior to the giveaway can be either from Google or simply observant tactics such as market research, trends, and relevant aims among competitors. Suppose your giveaway campaign is live and running progressively. Use KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are top-notch designed metrics to track down every lead generated, participant interaction, engagement level, and overall success. KPIs are brilliant quantifiable measures that help in defining objectives, upscale optimization, fitting strategies, and making first to final evaluations throughout the process. 

consitancy is the key


Idea# 5 Consistency 


We often fail to be consistent with our routine; it can be exhausting occasionally. Therefore, content marketers, analysts, market researchers and social media managers are there to save time if not your money! No matter how much we emphasize on the consistency factor, it’s always a mind-boggling situation when we strive to keep it up and on track. Consistent posting, on a timely basis is one of the prerequisites as well as the follow-up practices ever! 
Also, consistent activities such as free products, quizzes, surveys, gift coupons, product launches, pre-bookings, and mini contests can be a great deal to generate more leads and interact better with existing followers. 

Let The Ringo Handle It! 


Here at Ringo Media, we ensure all businesses are granted the time, attention and progress they deserve for their online success and main achievements. We strive to see the happiness of our satisfied clients with every milestone they achieve, for which we upscale and polish our SEO teams, content marketers and managers with out-of-the-box training to help you accomplish goals by leaps and bounds. We are here for you because of you and will keep bringing good news to your notifications! Feel free to seek consultation regarding giveaways and similar strategies whenever possible.


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